Driving Robot

The driving robot has a unique concept to have the screen area with full free view. A central post is used to support the steering actuator.

Driverless Testing

Top View


Compact design

  • Fast & simple installation
  • No window supports ➔ no restriction of view
  • Comfortable place remains for driver or

UFO software full integration

  • Simple to use
  • Full and easy integration UFO çè driving robot

Grab steering wheel as usual

  • Usual manual steering
  • Easy overrule by driver control of vehicle
  • High safety for extremities of driver

Obstacle-free steering wheel front

  • Airbag keeps full function
  • Parts-free impact area to ensure safety of testdriver
  • High comfort use for testdriver

Control PC can be installed inside or outside the car

  • Programming and control of driving robot inside and outside the car possible
  • unmanned operation

Independent power supply for robot

  • Failsafe battery powered without intervening the vehicle electric system 

Driver position with occupant

Overview of robot integration with driver

Technical Data

max. torque: 75Nm @ 800°/s

related torque: 50Nm @ 1300°/s

max. velocity: 1800°/s at 10Nm

max. pedal force: 1000 N