Dynamic Actuator for Crash and Intrusion Simulation

With the intrusion cylinder we are able to perform acceleration tests, intrusion simulation on the catapult and structural test like B-pillar crash tests.

Sample Test with Payload mounted

Customisable components


Modular design

  • from 60kN to 700kN
  • Length and stroke customised

Multi-use actuator

  • Intrusion simulation
  • Catapult mounted
  • Crush testing application with force feedback
  • High performance, high accuracy launcher

Environment friendly

  • Air as energy medium
  • Small sized hydraulic servo vales

Methodology know how

  • Application in different fields since 10 years
  • Solving your testing tasks in crash and crush

Sample applications

  • Side impact intrusion simulation
  • Small sized high performance launcher
  • Crush testing of B-Pillars
  • Launcher of sled systems
  • Component test bench for acceleration tests

Technical Data

max. Force: 60 - 700kN

max. Speed: 15 (20) m/s

max. Acceleration: 200g (e.g. 20kg payload, 120kN system)