UFO – ADAS Testing Tool

UFO with 3D soft car target for EuroNCAP 2018 Testing

UFO 3D Soft Car Target Kit for EuroNCAP 2018

With the upgrade kit the UFO testing suite is used for the 3D soft car target for EuroNCAP 2018 testing. It matches the geometrical interfaces for the 3D soft car target and the footprint.

It allows still the multifunctional usage of the UFO testing suite and its modules for tests beyond EuroNCAP 2018 like crossing assistants with the arrow ramp module, pedestrian or cyclist testing the VRU kit.

The design and adoptions to new demands leads to low costs for UFO testing suite users.

It  integrates easy to any driving robot system (e.g. ABD) or into the OXTS Range system or take the DSD driving robot.

UFO EuroNCAP 2018 / NHTSA / IIHS upgrade for 3D soft car target

Product overview on NCAP 2018 Upgrade and testing suit modules

3D Moving Target synchronised to Vehicle Under Test

Your advantages

  • Different Targets → maximum usability
  • Removable ramps and battery → fast and easy transportation
  • Transp. handles → very easy handling
  • Smart Software → fast and easy to use
  • Ultra flat design → no damage to test car
  • Robust 3D dummy → no need to reassemble after crash

Key facts

  • Only 98mm overrun height
  • Optimized ramps for smooth overrun
  • 55 kph / 80 kph maximum speed
  • Real 2d scenarios with moving car dummy
  • High accuracy with inertial platform + dGPS
  • Autonomous driving
  • Synchronized motion by triggering

UFO Demo – Don’t miss it!

See the UFO in live operation. Give us a call or send us you inquiry by email.

UFO Testing Suit Overview

UFO 3rd party driving robot integration

The UFO testing suite is designed also to integrate easy into 3rd party driving robots.

Many clients are using this combination to use existing driving robots and combine it with the advantages of the UFO testing suite.

The UFO system integrates simple and robust as the UFO concept was done focussing also on the combination with 3rd party robots.

Integrates e.g. with ABD robots (see video; HD video can be viewed also on DSD channel on Youtube)


UFO simple integration with driving robots (e.g. ABD)

Cyclist / Pedestrian Logitudunal Testing - Use the extension kits

The extension kits for the UFO testing suite can serve you by cyclists and pedestrian testing.

The UFO extension kit is made of non-radarreflecting material and sustains multiple overruns.

A over load protection in the connection element abides any damages to the UFO system during testing.

The extension kit can be used for passenger car and truck tests.

An option for a lateral extension arm to operate the cyclists next to the UFO be offered as well.


UFO VRU Extension Kits for Logitudinal / Crossing Testing

Power is off? Swap the battery!

This the whole time without need to stop the UFO for a long recharging time.
The batteries can be swapped and testing is not interrupted.
Replacement of batteries is easy and the modular design optimal for maintenance.

You are thinking on over-seas transport?
The UN-transportation regulation certified box for the batterie transport does not limit you for world wide transport of the UFO.

20 sec battery swapping

Startup the UFO at any proving ground

Pick it into your vehicle and bring it on the proving ground.

2 min setup

Overrun the UFO? With lowest ground clearance and heavy vehicle tire loading

The UFO is optimised with our partners to overrun it safely with a wide car fleet.
Truck tire load do not harm the UFO.

Lowest overrun hight for save testing all day

Protect the vehicle tyres and suspension - The arrow ramp

The Arrow Ramp Module for the UFO is designed to protect the tyre and suspension in case of lateral impacts.

  • Crossing ADAS system testing now with increased safety and efficiency.
  • Avoid damaging you vehicle and use the time on the proving ground for testing


Crossing ADAS testing with increased safety for the test vehicle

Simultaneous driving of multiple targets and cars

The development of next generation of ADAS systems starts now. Test multiple moving UFO with different targets to tune your system.

One moving vehicle not enough? Multiple UFOs can be operated in one scenario.

Soft crash targets LED Brake and Indicator Lights

Updated to soft cash target - Brake and Indicator LED Lights

  • Front Indicator lights
  • Rear Indicator Lights
  • Rear Brake Lights (incl. middle light)
  • Programmable
  • Integrated into UFO testing suit

Download 3D Target LED Light Information Flyer 

LED Lights - Improve your soft target to real scenarios

EVT Target testing

The UFO system with its modularity is update to drive the EVT (european vehicle target).

  • Save an extra system with extra training
  • No town car with driving robot
  • Range and TTC calculations by UFO
  • Synchronised driving for lowest driving distances
  • Comply with EuroNCAP protocol 

EVT AEB Testing according to EuroNCAP

Pedestrian testing according to EuroNCAP

Extend the UFO with the Pedestrian Kit

  • Adult and child articulated dummy
  • Programming from the UFO software
  • No need for extra equipment and training on them

Pedestrian Kit for EuroNCAP articulated dummy testing

UFO MultiBox - Increase your safety on the proving ground

The UFO MulitBox can be used to attached trigger and safety features as:

  • Inform and warn users ahead of a starting test
  • Flash light and buzzer system
  • Light gate to monitor entrance areas
  • Light gate to measure vehicle speed and trigger the UFO
  • Programming from the UFO software

Download the UFO MultiBox Safety Flyer

Safety on the proving ground - FlashLight / Buzzer before test

UFO 50 - the handy one

  • 48V engines
  • 1 Lithium Power Pack
  • Test Speed EVT: 50 kph
  • Speed: 55kph
  • Acceleration: 3m/s² (up to 20kph)
  • Controlled Decel.: 6m/s²
  • Emergency Decel.: 7,5m/s²
  • Transportation Size: 1100x1140mm
  • Test Ready Site: 1800x1800mm
  • Carrying weight: 88kg
  • Test Ready Weight: 162kg

UFO 75 - the powerful one

  • 48V engines
  • 2 Lithium Power Packs (3rd optional)
  • Test Speed 3D car: 80k ph
  • Speed: 80 kph
  • Acceleration: 3m/s² (up to 30kph)
  • Controlled Decel.: 6m/s²
  • Emergency Decel.: 7,5m/s²
  • Transportation Size: 1600x1140mm
  • Test Ready Site: 2300x1800mm
  • Carrying weight: 120kg
  • Test Ready Weight: 235kg

UFO Flyer

Detailed informations on options and add-ons for the flexible platform


Safety considerations for ADAS testing with 3D moving targets

Gugler Jürgen, Safety Week 2016, SafetyTesting +active conference, carhs GmbH, 12.05.2016, Aschaffenburg

This presentation give some important insights on testing on a proving ground with 3D moving targets. The operator and driver, the vehicle under test as well as the test equipment needs to have smart protection to ensure a safe and durable testing day. TECpond is offering the ADAS testing suit called UFO for approaching the presented important hints. See further information in our offers for Vehicle Safety Testing and the ADAS testing tools.

Request a full copy of the presentation