Das Niederflur Modell in der 18-Meter Ausführung bietet maximale Passagierzahl im Stadtverkehr.


SOR NB 18 CITY articulated bus, fully derived from fully low-entry city bus SOR NB 18 CITY, carries all signs of the twelve-meter bus. It utilises max. allowed length 18 750 mm, which allowed to increase the transport capacity up to 161 passengers.

Non-driven central axle VOITH – Graziano has same construction as the last drive axle. The articulation with low floor lever is original SOR design and is completed with hydraulic control manufactrued by company Glentor and electronic control by company Vires-Electronics. Electronic control of damping and blocking the joint in various driving modes is derived from the drive speed and mutual position of cranking of both vehicles towards the steer angle of the front axle steering wheels. The system of electric-hydraulic control is relatively simple, with easy diagnostics and maintenance in operation. Portal rear drive axle of identical type as in a solo vehicle, is driven by a more powerful engine IVECO CURSOR 8.

A variant for suburban and trunk-line service can be derived out of this type, upon the customer´s request.


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Unterlagen zum Download:

SOR NB 18 City – Flyer

SOR NB 18 City – Abmessungen & Layout


Weitere Infos bei SOR: SOR NB 18 City

Niederflur Citybus SOR NB 18 CITY