Das Niederflur Modell in der 12-Meter Ausführung bietet optimalen Einsatz im Stadtverkehr.


The body attracts at first sight by lowered height and elevated low-located side glazing which gives modern design to the vehicle. The posibility to use up to fourt side operation doors ensures rapid exchange of passengers at bus stops. Low floor level along the entire length of the bus with the height of 340 mm above the road is slightly disturbed by inclined course above the rear axle. The front windows with front columns allow more comfortable entrance through the front door.

The manufacturer offers variable arrangement of the interior in terms of number of doors, seats, places for wheelchairs. Movement of passengers in the door compartment can be controlled by a scanning system from the drier´s seat due to safety reasons.

Big design changes are performed on the chassis. If the front parts takes over the well-tried independent front axle SOR, including the steering mechanism slony with rigid platform frame of BN12 type, the rear part is brand new. Portal rear axle VOITH-Graziano is provided with modern low-profile tyres Bridgestone with pofile no. 45 in supersingle design, reducing not only the weight but also fuel consumption, by up to 3%. Tw triangle arms, capturing side forces acting to the axle, are located high in the rear wheel housings. This ensures very small inclination of the bus when turning and above-standard driving properties of the vehicle. The design and construction of the axle allows passage of passenegers without any steps to the lowered rear part of the vehicle with a platform for standing passengers in front of the last double-wing door. Drive-axle assembly is located in the left side of the rear overhang. V-six vertical engine Iveco NEF, together with six-speed automatic gearbox ZF ensure economic operation. This is also supported with traditionally light construction of the body of SOR buses rigidity and life service of which is checked by special computer programs.

Essential upgrade was done also to the electric network of the vehicle by using CAN-BUS system of company VDO. It enables, first of all, smooth communication of main aggregates which are equipped with autonomous electronics – i.e. engine, automatic gearbox, ABS-ASR system, tachograph, consolidated dashboard. Colour display on the dashboard provides the driver with all usual information as the existing classical instrument, but also informs the driver about potential failures in the electrical network of the vehicle, on the braking system and other aggregates, as well as about pressure in tyres. The display shows movement of people in the door compartment. Further information can be e.g. display of instant and average fuel consumption which is surely very positive for the driver in order to drive in the economic manner. Also, the vehicle provider can, by means of diagnostic socket, download selected information about the vehicle to obtain check and statistic evaluation of the vehicle operation. A variant for suburban and trunk-line service can be derived out of this type, upon the customer´s request.


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SOR NB 12 City – Flyer

SOR NB 12 City – Abmessungen & Layout


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Niederflur Citybus SOR NB 12 CITY